Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fast Five is 'top pirated film'

Action movie Fast Five movie is the most pirated film of 2011, according to file-sharing blog, Torrent Freak.



Ed Hardy Headphones Are the Worst Headphones [Crap]

If you want to know the specs or the price of these Ed Hardy branded headphones, you're more than welcome to venture over to the Ed Hardy Shop. For some of us, no amount of private/incognito/stealth browsing or history scrubbing would be enough to cleanse Chrome of the taint. More »



Most Popular Chrome Extensions and Posts of 2011 [Best Of Lifehacker 2011]

2011 was a big year for Google Chrome and all of its users. There are more Chrome users out there than ever before, and tons of great Chrome extensions to add functionality, privacy, and other services to your browser. Here are the most popular Google Chrome-related posts, extensions, and add-ons at Lifehacker during 2011. More »



Leaked Road Map Offers Glimpse of Future Windows Phones

A road map for the future development of the Windows Phone OS has apparently been leaked. The new information comes in the wake of a recent flurry of criticism over Windows Phone's performance in the smartphone market. The road map is purportedly accurate as of October 2011.


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How I Met Your Robot Mother: a Qbo 'First' (video)

Is consciousness programmable? Do robots feel? Would Kubrick have approved of Spielberg's handling of AI? While you wrap your mind around those conundrums, set aside a bit of free grey matter to soak in another Qbo milestone. When last we left the little bot, it was just coming to terms with its place in the grand scheme of things and recognizing its reflection. Since, robotic hangers-on and the geeks that love'em have been pelting The Corpora (the brains behind the operation) with questions pertaining to the self-awareness of this artificially intelligent machine. The outfit's reply? A Qbo meet-cute with a "female" member of the automated species that highlights the droid's understanding of individuality. It's a far cry from a Lady and the Tramp-style nose nuzzle, but these bots don't have to touch -- a random series of nasal flashes serve to indicate their distinctiveness and, once that's done, polite flirtation ensues. Don't believe us? You can see the sparks of android love for yourself in the video after the break.

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Verizon backs down from convenience fee, values your two cents

The people (and government) have spoken and Verizon has listened -- and issued a press release. The carrier has officially backed off of the "single payment fee" that drew almost universal ire amongst subscribers and nabbed the attention of the FCC. Says Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead, "we believe the best path forward is to encourage customers to take advantage of the best and most efficient options, eliminating the need to institute the fee at this time." Looks like the company's gonna have to get a couple of bucks from you another way. No word yet on whether the FCC plans to investigate Sprint's similar long-standing fee. Official statement after the break.

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DSLR Remote HD Review

Everybody is excited by OnOne?s DSLR Remote HD launch as an iPad App. What was previously available only for the Iphone and Ipod Touch is now with the iPad as well. The most obvious advantage for this app is that with the iPad?s generous screen area, the program is no longer just a fancy remote controller but also something that can really be useful for certain applications. But what exactly is the DSLR Remote HD and how does it stack [...]


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webOS 3.0 beta now available to developers

hp touchpad webos 3.0
With the webOS 3.0 SDK available for almost two months, HP has now given developers access to a beta download of webOS 3.0 -- which powers the upcoming TouchPad and will likely ride along on HP desktops and laptops in the form of an emulator.

Right now, the webOS 3.0 beta is only available to Early Access developers. The crew at PreCentral states that HP appears to have eased up on access restrictions, however, so hopefully more devs will get on board and those of you who are planning to buy a TouchPad in the next couple months will have plenty of slick webOS 3.0 apps to install on your new tablet.

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Asus PA246Q

The Asus PA246Q is a 24-inch IPS monitor that delivers professional grade performance and a robust feature set at a reasonable price.



Town chosen for Wikipedia venture

Wikipedia is launching a new project aimed at covering all aspects of life in Monmouth.



Samsung Epic 4G is now officially a CyanogenMod-supported device

Samsung Epic 4G

If you have a Samsung Epic 4G and aren't overly happy with it being stock any more, you'll be pleased to know you can now add some new life to the device as it now has official support for CyanogenMod.

It has taken a lot of work from a lot of developers but Team EpicCM's github repositories have been merged into CyanogenMod's and those results are now available for download and installation. Keeping in mind, a few things are still broken here so you'll want to read over what works, what doesn't and what is being worked on before you dive right in.

If you're looking to get the full details, you can head on over to the CyanaogenMod forums and find everything you need to know about this release thus far -- including how to install it, a list of current bugs and what all to expect moving forward.

Source: CyanogenMod; Thanks, to all who sent this is!



Did Nokia's First US LTE Windows Phone Get Leaked in a Christmas Card? [Rumor]

Look like a standard greeting card? Sure. But take another look at that phone: it looks like a Lumia 800, but there's an AT&T logo. And a 4G indicator. And—wait a minute—there's a front-facing camera peeking out of the upper lefthand corner. More »