Friday, January 20, 2012

With MegaUpload Down, Who?s Next? RapidShare? SoundCloud? DropBox?

careEvery digital locker service and file linking website is on notice now that MegaUpload and TVShack are down. The Feds have their banhammer out and aren't afraid to use it. Sites better check their zettabytes of data. A single 50 Cent song can cause the Feds to swarm the founder's house and seize their Predator statues. Forget SOPA and PIPA, apparently the US Federal Government doesn't need new legislation in place to shut down major file storage sites and lock millions of users out of their file lockers. The bigger question, then, is who's next? It's clear that the US Federal Government is ramping up its fight against illegal file sharing and hosting. It's the new war on drugs. The plan is to have taxpayers foot the bill and then attack websites rather than regulating or encouraging innovation. The only thing missing is a C.A.R.E. (Computer Abuse Reinforcement Education) presentation at your kids' grade school. Just say no to perfectly legal data sinks, everyone.



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