Friday, April 6, 2012

Nextpeer Pledges To Make Any Mobile Game As Social As OMGPOP?s ?Draw Something?

nextpeerThere were plenty of other Pictionary-like games in the iTunes app store before OMGPOP's Draw Something. But the secret ingredient behind Draw Something's runaway success was its very social, asynchronous gameplay. Most independent game designers don't necessarily have the extra manpower to build an engine that supports this. That's where an Israeli startup called Nextpeer comes in. It's kind of like the next generation of OpenFeint, a mobile-social gaming network that was acquired by Japanese gaming giant GREE for $104 million last year. Game designers can integrate Nextpeer's SDK to let their players compete against each other. Up until now, Nextpeer only supported synchronous gameplay, meaning that players had to be available at the same time. But now Nextpeer is offering an asynchronous mode, which means that players can finish a round whenever they have a spare moment. That's the secret sauce that has made games like Zynga's Words With Friends and then Draw Something insanely viral.



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