Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Searching for a rational reason to hate a manufacturer's UI

HTC Sense

Why do you hate Sense?

That's not a particularly inviting question. Hell, it's not even nice. But it's one I kept asking myself over the course of a week or so while writing our HTC One X review, and poring over the new HTC Sense 4.

It actually was a single question with two targets. The first was myself. I'd never particularly enjoyed Sense on top of Android. The non-customizable dock made sense, I suppose, for a regular consumer who won't be customizing his or her phone much, if at all. But that's not me. I needed more flexibility. And, so, on went a third-party launcher. And that's fine. Sometime around mid-2010 Android smartphones finally started to have hardware that was unencumbered by a launcher on top of whatever the phone came with. And so it was bye-bye, Sense. (And so-long, TouchWiz, for that matter.)

As for the Sense widgets, I could take them or leave them. For the most part, they've always been very nicely done. Some I could use, some I don't need. But using another launcher meant they disappeared, too, and so I never used them.

So I knew why didn't want to use Sense as my daily driver. But this is about you as much as it is me. Why do you hate Sense?

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